Elvis Bwomono Voted Southend’s Player Of The Season

Elvis Bwomono in action for Southend United. Courtesy photo

Uganda defender Elvis Okello Bwomono has been voted as the Southend United player of the year during an online poll conducted by Echo Sports.

The publication reports that the player received about 80% of the votes.

The defender played 39 games for South End United, a team that was relegated to League two in a season the clubs voted to end the season.

“It’s been a hard season on and off the field but for the fans to see me as a player of the year by quite a distance is very good,” Bwomono said.

“I’m still 21 so am pleased with how many games I have had and I would like to think I have been quite consistent in them too.”

Bwomono Commends Players Taking Knee:

Bwomono said that taking a knee sends out a strong message.

Many players, especially in the Premier League, took a knee in show of solidarity with the Black Lives Matter campaign.

“For the teams, their staff and the referee to take a knee sent out a very big and powerful message to people all around the world,” Bwomono told Echo.

“I think the Premier League and football as a whole can have a big say in things, as you can see from what Marcus Rashford has done.

“I would 100 per cent like EFL games to follow suit and hopefully they will in the play-offs now.

“This is now all starting to reach the right places but it needs to continue and the right messages have to be pushed forward.”

About Elvis Okello Bwomono

He was born on 29th November 1998 and currently plays as a full-back for League One club Southend United.

Bwomono was born in Uganda and lived here until the age of three before moving to London, England where he attended Hatch End High School.

As a footballer, he started his career at Queens Park Rangers FC before later joining Southend United at the age of 14. In October 2017, he signed his first professional contract with the club.

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