Control Your Out-Of-Order Fans – Mubiru Asks Villa Management

Police FC head coach Abdallah Mubiru has called upon the SC Villa management to do something about their fans’ behaviour.

Mubiru made the remarks on Wednesday following the 1-1 draw between Police and Villa at Lugogo.

He claims that the Villa fans use obscene language yet football is played in the presence of children.

“Going forward, I would humbly ask the Villa management to caution their fans about their continued misbehaving in stadiums. Abdallah Mubiru said after the game.

“They use obscene words yet we live in a world which does not deserve that.

“We have young people in the stadium who are not supposed to be taught in that way.

“That sort of behaviour must stop because it is not called for and it is one that is clearly for years ago.”

Villa are the record-league champions having won a record 16 times since inception.

The Jogoos are one of the biggest brands in Uganda and Mubiru thinks the management should do all they can to protect that.

“Villa is a big brand that should not associate with such people who tarnish their brand.

“I call upon the management to react and also those who speak such language, console your souls and stop this habit immediately.”

The management of Villa is yet to react on Mubiru’s words.

The Jogoos return to action on Saturday at home to Kyetume FC.

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